Excavator Hire

Wheeled Excavator Hire

Introduction To Wheeled Excavator Hire

Excavators can be either wheeled or tracked. It is a common misconception that tracked excavators are better, as with today's modern equipment, there is no difference when it comes to efficiency. The most important advantage of wheeled excavators is that they are faster, which means they can get from one job site to another in a shorter time and with no additional transportation - because they can travel without causing any traffic congestions. One of the disadvantages of wheeled excavators is that they are not very good on wet and muddy grounds, because they cannot achieve the stability of tracked excavators. Also, when digging with a wheeled excavator, you have to engage stabilizers and in order for this to be done you need firm terrain.

Wheeled Excavator Hire Companies And Prices

Although wheeled excavators are not as popular as tracked, you can hire them in some companies in the UK, some of which are outlined below.

  • G & A M Lawson Ltd - A family run company that offers operated and self-drive plant hire, crane hires, demolition services and more. A 16 tonnes, wheeled, 360 excavator with an operator will cost you £27 per hour plus the cost of petrol.
  • A-Plant - this company offers an array of different excavators and other types of tools for hire. A Mini CX Wheeled Excavator will cost you £320 per week.

Self-drive Or Operated Excavator Hire

When it comes to wheeled excavators, it is important that the operator knows exactly how to operate it because of the stabilizers. Stabilizers are used when digging or lifting loads to keep the wheeled excavator stabile and to ensure it doesn't move. The use of the stabilizers is a tricky technique and the operator has to be fully trained in order to properly use all the features on a wheeled excavator. If you decide on going with the self-drive option, you have to be aware that you will not be able to use the machine if you are inexperienced.

This can be said for any of the excavators, but it is particularly important when choosing the wheeled excavator. By not knowing how to properly use the machine, you can cause damage to the machine and to yourself. Every company states that you are responsible for the machine you hire and that you must obey certain rules of using and operating the machinery. If you make a mistake that causes any damage to the excavator you hired, you will be charged all the costs for repairing the machinery. Because you are responsible for the machinery during the hire period, you have to carefully read and make sure to understand the terms and conditions of the company in question. It is always a better solution to hire an operator when hiring a large piece of machinery like a wheeled excavator because you will get the job done easier and better this way and you will not be held responsible in case of any accidents caused by the operator. If you want good value for money and if you want a job well done in a minimum amount of time and with maximum quality of service, you should decide on an operator hire.