Excavator Hire

Types of Excavator Hire

Introduction To Types of Excavator Hire

In the last few years there has been a large expansion in the construction and building industry. The expansion has led to increase in jobs and business opportunities including excavator hire. Excavator hire is one of the most lucrative businesses that a person can indulge in. The demand in equipment used in building and construction has doubled and even tripled in some parts of the world. The United Kingdom is one of the areas that have experienced this expansion. In this area, most of the expansion has affected the hiring of excavators, and with so many different types of excavator to choose from there is a model for every project no matter what the size.

Main Types Of Excavator Hire

The type of excavator for hire will vary from one location to another, however there are two main types of jobs needing excavators. These are the small scale excavator jobs and the large scale excavator jobs. The small scale excavator hires are generally for simple jobs and the machine's do not involve a lot of procedures for them to work. They can usually be operated quite safely by unskilled persons and do not require a lot of experience to learn how to use them. Small scale excavators including the mini, the compact and the micro are usually for jobs such as landscaping, driveways and small house extensions. They are usually cheap, especially when compared to their larger counterparts and people can usually hire them for around £60 per day.

Large scale jobs require larger scale excavators. The larger machines generally require a lot more training to use, and often come with a skilled operator who is sometimes included in the price. There are extra safety procedures required when using the larger machinery and not following the guides can be harmful to both yourself or the machine. Larger scale excavators cost around £150 per day but this varies depending on what attachments are needed. They are mainly used for building sites are large projects in which a smaller excavator is too time consuming or inappropriate.

The third type of excavator is one suited to certain jobs such as the long reach, the suction or the wheeled. Often the attachments used to create these excavators can be added to a normal machine but sometimes it is better to hire the specific machine in the first place. The specific excavators are used for completing jobs on rough terrain, in hard to reach places or on jobs where the normal excavators are useless no matter what their size. The price on the specific excavators varies company to company although weekly hires usually drive the cost down quite significantly. Some of these excavators can be handled quite easily by unskilled users but some require skilled professionals who often come included in the price. The majority of these machines are used on building sites although for certain jobs they may be used in the home.