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Suction Excavator Hire

Introduction To Suction Excavator Hire

A suction excavator is not a normal excavator. It uses a different principle to remove earth from a hole. The process that the suction excavator uses will vary depending on the type. There are two main types of suction excavators. The first type uses a single pipe that can have a diameter of a foot or more. This type of excavator uses powerful suction pressure to remove soil from a hole. In most cases, the soil has to be loosened by using a hand held drill before the suction excavator can work. This type of excavator has the speed of about fifty to a hundred metres per second. The speed is used to take in soil and any other debris that need to be sucked.

The second type of suction excavator is one that has a drill and a suction pipe. The drill is used to soften the earth before the suction process begins, enabling both processes to take place with the one machine. This type of excavator is preferred by people who choose to use suction excavator hire services. The prices between these two types of excavators will vary according to the suction speed and the properties of the excavator.

Price Range Of Suction Excavator Hire

The simple suction excavator is the cheapest option when choosing a machine to hire. Such an excavator has a hiring price of around £35 for an hour. In most cases, the use of this type of excavator is in areas that are marshy and have loose soil. This excavator experiences some problems when it is being used in areas that do not have loose soil. One of the main problems with the simple suction excavator is that debris easily gets stuck in the suction pipe. When this happens, the excavator has to be switched off whilst the suction pipe is cleared allowing the excavation process to continue. Using a hire service that provides this type of excavator might end up being time consuming and/or costly. One has to make sure that the area that they are going to use the excavator on is suitable before choosing this model.

The suction excavator with a drill is a good option for people who are looking for a more simpler to use machine as it can work well in any area. The drill makes sure that in the event that the earth being excavated reaches a depth where there is rock and compacted soil, it will be loosened by the drill. The suction process therefore continues without any interruption. This will mean that the expenses associated with down time will be avoided or kept to a minimum. Such a suction excavator hire service will cost around £45 for an hour. Both of these types of excavators are good. However, it is advisable to know the type of earth that will be excavated prior to making a decision on the excavator that you will use. This knowledge is vital as it will save costs and time and will enable you to hire a machine that is more suited to your needs.