Excavator Hire

Small Excavator Hire

Introduction To Small Excavator Hire

There are a lot of advantages to hiring a small excavator instead of a larger one. Small excavators are easier to operate, they are cheaper and they can gain access to some areas, which are impossible with larger excavators. For example, if you have an indoor task which requires an excavator, there is a solution for this problem - some of the small excavators are narrow enough that they can go through a standard doorway. Another advantage of small excavator hire is that you can almost always operate them without any help from professionals, just by following the simple instructions you are given by the excavator hire company. However, it is always advised to consider hiring an operator if you are not completely confident in your abilities to safely operate the excavator of your choice.

Small excavators are not only cheaper considering the daily or weekly price, but also considering petrol and oil assumption. When it comes to the versatility of this piece of machinery, there are all sorts of attachments available for hire and with these attachments you can perform any task you had in mind with your small excavator without hiring different machines for different kind of tasks. Another advantage of a small excavator is that it does not ruin your grass or your pavement because of its low weight, which is important if using the excavator in your backyard.

Small Excavator Hire Companies And Prices

Almost all excavator hire companies in the UK offer small excavators for hire to their customers, with the option of self-drive. So if in need of a small excavator, you will have a wide choice of companies to choose from. Here are some of the choices with the price of hire:

  • Central Plant Hire - Located in the Sussex area, this company specialises in the hiring of small excavators. Founded in 1988, they have a lot of experience in dealing with every one of their customers' needs, with a range of excavators from under a tonne to 14 tonnes. A 3/4 ton Mini Digger that can go through a standard doorway or a gate (750mm of width); will cost you £70 per day or £200 per week. It has an option of operator hire, which will cost you £200 per day. You can also hire a hydraulic breaker along with the excavator. This feature will cost £45 per day or £160 per week.
  • Coppard Plant Hire - This company offers a variety of small excavators with the option of self-drive. The smallest excavator in their offer is a half tonne Yanmar SV05 - Narrow Access, which has a width of only 580mm. This excavator will cost you £90 per day or £275 per week. This excavator has no attachments offered for hiring

Although it is always advisable to go for the option of operator hire, with these small excavators this is not the case. They are really easy to use and as it is also much cheaper this way, you should try to operate your excavator yourself.