Excavator Hire

Mini Excavator Hire

Introduction To Mini Excavator Hire

A mini-excavator is a smaller and more portable version of an excavator, a piece of heavy equipment used for digging things such as trenches and foundations as well as demolition. Mini-excavators have expanded their functionality to also include blades, loaders, and various auxiliary attachments. These attachments include augers (used for drilling), breakers (used for destroying concert and rock), and grapples (used for grabbing hold of things).

Advantages Of Hiring A Mini Excavator

The foremost advantage of hiring a mini excavator is portability. Due to their smaller size they are relatively easy to transport and can access more places. For the DIY enthusiast this means no more digging trenches in the back yard. Mini-excavators are small enough to get into backyards and some even come with adjustable tracks making them able to access narrow areas and then expand back to a stable and safe width for digging.

Purchasing or leasing a mini-excavator can be costly and often times unnecessary, making renting one for a specific job a cost efficient solution. Mini-excavators can be hired out with or without an operator. Consider the job that needs to be done carefully as sometimes hiring out a skilled operator will save enough time to make it worthwhile. Another benefit to renting is that generally if a machine breaks down you don't have to deal with costly repairs, the agency should handle replacing it, however it is a good idea to confirm this first.

When renting consider how far away the rental agency is as often you have to pay separately for transportation.

Things To Consider

When hiring a mini-excavator one needs to have an idea of what is needed for the job. While a mini-excavator hire agency can help match a specific excavator to your job there is still basic information they will need to help with this selection. You should be aware of the following:

  • General bucket capacity
  • Size of the excavator
  • Range of motion of the arm. Will the arm be able to reach deep enough and or high enough to complete the job?
  • For some jobs weight may also be an issue to be considered, especially with home related jobs where areas of concrete, tile, and pavers might be encountered.

Mini Excavator Hire Companies

There are numerous companies in the United Kingdom who have mini excavators for hire. A couple of these can be found below.

Erento - Erento is a company who offer almost every type of excavator you can think of. They deliver next day throughout the UK, and rentals can be from one day up to a longer period of time. They also offer staff if needed. Erento have a large selection of mini excavators with the cheapest being a 1.5 tonne excavator suitable for landscaping and driveways for £55 per day.

Hewden - Hewden also have a large selection of mini excavators that can also be hired throughout the UK. Their most popular is the 301.6 mini excavator. With high digging forces and fast cycle times it ensures that customers get the most out of their money. Prices are available upon request.