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Mini Digger Excavator Hire

Introduction To Mini Digger Excavator Hire

The mini digger is a small scale excavator which usually weighs between 0.7 to 7.5 tonnes. It can be hired on its own although it usually includes independent accessories, allowing the services offered by the mini digger hire companies to be quite varied.

Choosing The Right Mini Digger

Before one starts thinking about the size and accessories needed for a mini digger, it's important to decide about the brand and supplier. There are nationwide and international brands but also small local dealerships. Like with any other product, with nationwide brands, the client is guaranteed a product and service that respects a certain procedure and quality standard. Local brands can be hit or miss - however if they have been in business for a long time, they are more likely to be a hit. Choosing a local company in your area can mean a large saving in delivery costs and, more importantly, personalised services. A small company will always care more about each customer.

Once a brand or dealer has been established, size begins to matter. After all, the type of digger that is needed for the job depends on the job in itself. One needs to think about the available manoeuvre space, so that there is no risk of not being able to fit in the machine in the space required for the job. Too small of a digger, though, might lead to the job taking a longer time than necessary to complete.

Flexibility and adjustability are also important when searching for mini-diggers. Also, before deciding on the model, one needs to establish the type of accessories that will be needed.

Main Mini Digger Brands

  • Takeuchi - Takeuchi mini diggers are known for their durability and great performance. They have created a lot of mini-digger models that could easily fit into their own micro category, sometimes fitting through a normal-sized door. They offer both tracked and wheeled mini diggers.
  • JCB - JCB have a large range of mini diggers that are very easy to handle. Their models have great stability, do not make much noise and are very efficient at the same time. The auxiliary hydraulic pedal means that there's more space inside the digger's cabin - which added to the noise and vibration reduction means less stress for the driver.
  • Kubota - Kubota diggers are known to be economical and ecological. Also, their mini excavators, by providing the longest arm, have the possibility of reaching the largest digging depth out of all presented brands. At the same time the digging force is considerably higher. In case of any problems, the Kubota models are very easy to service. The cabin includes adjustable seats, seat belts, wrist rests and emergency exit hammers.
  • Volvo - Amazingly enough, on top of producing amazingly safe cars, Volvo can also produce quality mini diggers. Just like their cars, Volvo diggers are considered to be safe, not just for the driver but also for the environment. They also have the added bonus of technical support offered by the company, included in the price.
  • Yanmar - Yanmar offer a large range of mini diggers. Some of their models have the capacity of turning within the radius of the machine, while still being perfectly safe and stable. They have a lot of options available for urban areas.