Excavator Hire

Micro Excavator Hire

Introduction To Micro Excavator Hire

A micro excavator is the smallest type of excavator that can be found in the world today. The excavator has several properties which can be used in order for it to work to the individuals needs. The properties of the excavator will be the determining factor of which micro excavator hire a person will want. Usually, the work that the micro excavator will be able to do is more important than the overall charges and the duration that the excavator will be used. In the majority of cases, the use of micro excavator hire should be avoided if the work done is going to be on a large scale.

Getting The Best Deal

Like everything in life, you will need to look for the best deals available to you. The best deal for a micro excavator hire can be found by using a simple process. The first step is deciding upon how much work needs to be done. Once you have done this, you will be able to know if you need to hire an excavator for either one day, one week or longer. The duration will determine how you negotiate for the best deal with different companies. Once you have received a starting price from different companies, you will be able to decide upon the negotiating figure that you are going to start with. Most excavator hire companies charge about £50 per hour of use of the micro excavator. The price will also decrease if the work load is a lot. In some cases, some companies will charge this rate per hour but have a lower rate of about £350 for use of the excavator for the whole day, and an even lower figure for a week or more.

Micro Excavator Hire Companies In The UK

  • Hewden - Hewden is the United Kingdom's number one hire company for all different types of excavators. They have a large selection of micro excavators for hire and deliver throughout the UK. With multiple depots located throughout the UK, the company is in a good position to deliver quickly and at competitive prices.
  • Erento - Erento have an extensive range of micro excavators for short and long term hire with immediate delivery throughout the United Kingdom. Prices start at £59 per day for a one tonne, compact mini excavator, and increase to £280 per day for a Nueson Mini Rubber duck. Some of their excavators come with staff to operate them, and all have a lower price for longer rentals.
  • Speedy Hire - Speedy Hire is a leading rental company in excavator equipment in the United Kingdom. They have 450 depots nationwide, and operate on a "customer first" basis, ensuring that customers can receive their equipment on the day they order if needs be. They have a micro excavator for hire with a width of just 2' 3", with a wide range of attachments available. Prices start at £250 for the first day and £83 for consecutive days. A weeks rental is £417.