Excavator Hire

Long Reach Excavator Hire

Introduction To Long Reach Excavator Hire

There are multiple types of excavators available for hiring, and one of them is a long reach excavator. These excavators are used for a number of applications including water dredging, coastal defences, slope stabilisation, deep trenching, quarrying and many others. All of these cannot be done using any other type of excavator other than the long reach excavator. One of the most common uses for long reach excavators is demolition. Because of its high reaching boom arm, it is used on demolition sites for reaching high stories on buildings and it is much safer than the wrecking ball.

Long Reach Excavator Hire Companies In The UK

There are companies in the UK that specialise in hiring only long reach excavators. These companies offer a wide range of excavators for hiring, weighing from around 20 to over 100 tonnes, with the reach up to 30 metres. A company called 777 Demolition & Haulage CO. Limited even offers a long reach excavator with over 60 metres of reach. Some of the other long reach excavator hire companies in the UK are:

  • WM Plant Hire - Founded in 1990, this company offer a variety of long reach excavators. Quality service, vast experience and competitive pricing are some of the main reasons for choosing this company.
  • Rampling Plant Hire - This company has over 40 years of experience in excavator hire. They offer their services to customers throughout the UK and they provide self-drive excavator hire.
  • Mervyn Lambert Plant - Mervyn Lamberts offer operated and self-drive, top quality excavator hire. They offer skilled and trained operators and top quality back up service.

Long Reach Excavator Hire Prices In The UK

When it comes to prices, all companies offer a no obligation free estimate on the cost of your long reach excavator hire. For example, a company called Coppard Plant Hire Ltd offers a long reach 21 tonnes excavator self-drive for a price of £198 per day or £900 for the week.

Long Reach Excavator Hire Self-Drive Or Professional Operator

When in need of a long reach excavator, you have to decide whether you will hire a self-drive or operated excavator. People often decide on this without really thinking it through. For one, a self-drive is cheaper, and this is why most people choose it, but there are a lot of potential problems with this option. If you do not have any experience with excavator operating, you will be given instructions on how to use the machinery, but you will need a lot of time before you can use it efficiently. However, a professional operator will do the job more efficiently than you because he has experience and is fully trained to operate a long reach excavator. This might be a good solution if you need something done fast. If you have enough time, you might try and do it yourself, but this might end up to be a more costly way of doing things because it will take you longer to complete the job, thus costing you more money. Although operator hire is more expensive, it will sometimes prove to be cheaper considering the hire period difference.