Excavator Hire

Excavator Hire

Introduction To Excavator Hire

Excavators are heavy equipment used primarily for demolition and construction. Originally using steam engines excavators progressed on to diesel motors in the 1930's and hydraulic pumps in the late 40's and 50's. Most modern excavators still utilize hydraulic pumps providing upwards of 5000 psi in some models. A proper excavator consists of a large bucket designed for digging. Specialized buckets are made to dig through different materials such a strait edged buckets for mud or toothed buckets for harder ground or even rock. Excavators now come with auxiliary attachments such as blades for pushing earth or grading, augers for drilling, loaders for hauling, and various other attachments for construction related applications.

Types Of Excavators For Hire

There are various different types of excavators available and making sure you have the right match for the job at hand is important. Hiring something with the wrong auxiliary attachments or without enough power can be a costly and time consuming mistake. Likewise there is no need to spend more on functions you will not be using. For smaller jobs where space is limited such as home DIY (do it yourself) jobs a mini-excavator is the best fit. For larger construction applications there are a variety of heavy duty excavators available for hire. While mini-excavators are fairly easy to operate they still require some expertise and familiarity. An excavator hire company can show you the basics, but keep in mind that it is also possible to hire an operator who can greatly simplify and speed up a job, especially when it comes to larger and more technical machines. Some machines will need a specially trained operator and in some places licensing may be required as well.

While there are dozens of companies manufacturing excavators choosing between them is not a major concern when renting. An excavator hire agency will be able to pick the best match for you based on the scope of the job.

Things To Consider

When hiring an excavator one needs to have an idea of what is needed for the job. While an excavator hire agency can help match a specific excavator to your specific job there is still basic information they will need to help with this selection. You should be aware of the following:

  • General bucket capacity.
  • Size of the excavator. This is especially important for home DIY jobs as you may have fence opening or other narrow passageways to navigate. Note that some excavators have a feature that allows you to narrow the tracks while driving and widen them for stability while digging.
  • Range of motion of the arm. Will the arm be able to reach deep enough and or high enough to complete the job?
  • For some jobs weight may also be an issue to be considered.

While buying an excavator is always an option and may be suitable for frequent use consider the advantages of rental carefully. When hiring one generally does not have to worry about maintenance or repairs which can be both costly and time consuming, especially if the job you are doing has a fixed deadline.