Excavator Hire

Excavator Hire Prices

Introduction To Excavator Hire Prices

An excavator can be simply defined as a machine that is used to remove soil in a certain area. In most cases, excavators are used in the building and construction industry. One can see an excavator at work on a road or in the digging of a foundation for a building. This being the case, excavators are generally hired. This is attributed to the fact that the machines cost a lot of money and it would be advisable to hire a machine instead of buying one. When a person wants to hire a machine, it is cost effective to know the excavator hire prices which are in the market. The best way to have knowledge of the excavator hire prices is through the general estimate of prices worldwide and also the type of excavator that will be used. In most cases, a person that has a small job will experience favourable prices compared to a person who has a big job.

General Prices For An Excavator On Hire

The general excavator hire prices are normally used as a guideline for a person who wants to have knowledge of the subject. The prices will range from about £56 to about £130 per day. There are two main factors which will determine the price. The first factor is the current price of fuel in the market. The price of fuel is a direct determinant of prices due to the fact that the excavator will use fuel for it to work. This being the case, when the prices at fuel pumps go up, the price of using the machine will also go up. In some cases, when the prices are high, the excavator hire prices are doubled or even tripled depending on the company that is providing the services. When the prices go down, the price of hire will be reduced but not at the same rate that it was increased. Knowledge of the fuel prices is an advantage as one can know what prices to expect from hiring companies. It is also often cheaper to hire an excavator for more than one day. The price of a weekly hire usually works out a lot cheaper than the price for seven separate days.

Sizes Of Excavators

Another main factor that determines the rates of excavator hire prices will be the type of excavator that is going to be used. There are heavy commercial excavators and there are those that are considered to be small and normal use excavators. Excavator hire prices for a small excavator are normally less than half the price of the biggest excavator. For example, a micro excavator is the cheapest type of excavator that a person can hire. This is normally the excavator that is charged at £56 per day. On the other hand, there is an excavator that is known as the twenty tonne excavator. It has a rock breaker and due to its performance and attributes, it is normally hired at about £130 per day. These are the general determinants of excavator hire prices in the UK. The prices will also vary according to competition between companies and the location that the services are offered.