Excavator Hire

Excavator Hire in Sussex

Introduction To Excavator Hire In Sussex

Excavator hire companies have a wide range of usage for their machines. Whether you are using the excavator for digging, demolition, heavy lifting or for any other reason, there are some things that need to be checked before hiring an excavator. Firstly, you need to check your points of access to the working site, in order to know if the piece of machinery you had in mind will fit. Bear in mind that there are excavators that have a width of only 700mm, so they can even go through your doorway. After this, you need to decide which type of excavator you need, depending on what kind of work you need done. For example, if you will be digging, you need to know how deep you will be digging, or will you need a dumper to take away the excavated soil. There are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself before hiring an excavator, but if you for some reason cannot answer these questions yourself, excavator hire companies have skilled staff who will help you decide what to do and which machinery to hire.

Excavator Hire Companies In Sussex

There are a lot of companies that offer excavator hire services in Sussex, and you can find all of these companies easy enough in the yellow pages or on the internet. Here is a list of some of the most popular:

  • CA Plant & Material Supplies Ltd - This company provide their services across the UK. In addition to hiring excavators, they offer an array of services and hires that will help you finish any projects you had in mind.
  • Alandale Plant - This company offers probably every piece of equipment there is to hire. They offer excavator hire, safety equipment, pneumatic equipment, machinery repairing, sharpening services, etc.
  • Call2Hire Limited - This company are available to their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They provide daily, weekly and long-term hiring of self drive machinery. When it comes to excavators, only smaller ones (up to 2.54 tonnes) are in their hire offer.
  • Central Plant Hire - founded in 1988, they offer excavators weighing from under a tonne to gigantic machinery weighing 14 tonnes. They provide all of their customers with operated and self drive excavators, giving clear and helpful instructions on how to use the machinery.

Excavator Hire Prices In Sussex

Prices of excavator hire depend on the excavator you decide on hiring, and on how long you need it for. Some companies offer daily hiring on all types of excavators, but some have certain excavators that are available for weekly hiring only. Below are some price examples of excavator hire in Sussex:

  • Alandale Plant - A one tonne mini excavator self drive will cost you £65 a day, but if you choose to hire it for a week, it will cost you £220.
  • Call2Hire Limited - In this company, a similar one tonne mini excavator self drive named Kubota U10-3 will cost you £50 per day, and a discount of 10% is given if you keep the excavator for five more days.