Excavator Hire

Excavator Hire in London

Introduction To Excavator Hire In London

Today in the UK, more and more people are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to doing a job that involves heavy machinery like excavators. Nowadays, it is really easy to hire an excavator and finish a project that needs to be finished. Some people think that it is hard to operate a piece of machinery like an excavator or that they would need a special licence to do this, but these are all wrong assumptions. When hiring an excavator, you get clear instructions on how to operate it and when you actually get into one, you can see that all the commands you need are pretty simple and that, in most cases, it does not take a professional to operate an excavator. All you need is to be older than eighteen years of age, and you will be able to operate an excavator. After reading the instructions, if you happen to be unsure about anything regarding the operating of the machinery, you can contact your company and they will give you further instructions.

Excavator Hire Companies And Prices In London

Choosing an excavator hire company will depend on your budget and your needs, as well as on the quality of service provided. Another way of deciding on an excavator hire company is by reading the customers' reviews, which can tell you a lot about a company and their services. From these reviews you can see in which field of work a company specialises, and you should choose the company that specialises in the field of work you need in a certain situation. Here are some excavator companies whose services are available in the London area:

  • Mammoth Hire - They have a choice of more than two thousand products to choose from and they deliver equipment on the same day you call all over the UK. They offer day hires as well as hires for a longer period of time. An example of excavator hire price: a mini excavator weighing 1.5 tonnes will cost you £60 per day, and £150 a week.
  • Nixon Hire - With over forty years of experience, this company offers equipment hiring as well as equipment sales. They pride themselves on offering high quality excavators and high quality service to their customers. An example of excavator hire price: a 1.5 tonnes mini excavator will cost you £190 per week.
  • Harrison Hire Limited - This company offers a wide range of tools, plants and equipment and everything they hire is their own brand, so you can expect competitive pricing. Hire periods go from a day to a week, with discounts for longer hires. For example, a 1.5 tonnes rubber-tracked mini excavator will cost you £75 per day and £235 per week.

All in all, when deciding on using an excavator for your project, you should always choose to operate it yourself if not because of the price, which is lower, then simply because it is fun and it is not something you can do every day.