Excavator Hire

Excavator Hire Diggers

Introduction To Excavator Hire Diggers

Hiring an excavator is quite an investment, so it is important for a client to make sure they get their money's worth. Unlike buying a simple household appliance, hiring an excavator needs to be chosen based on various technical details that need more than a superficial study of the problem.

What To Look For When Choosing A Digger To Hire

In order to make sure that a right choice is made, it is important to establish, first of all, the purpose for which the excavator is acquired. Based on that, the client or the excavator hire company can decide exactly what type of machine is suitable for the job and what accessories need to be attached to it. For example, based on the depth you aim to dig, you may need a longer boom arm.

Another important question, when hiring an excavator is the type of terrain and environment where the job will be completed. Based on the space the vehicle will have to manoeuvre, one can establish the size required for the hired vehicle. Also, if the surface on which the vehicle will be asphalt (for example), it is not recommended to choose a tracked excavator which will end up destroying it. If that is not possible, there should at least be some rubber protectors equipped on the tracks.

Once the first two questions are answered, all that's left is finding the best solution in terms of money. Some types of digger are more expensive in the short run, but can be worthwhile in the longer run, due to lower maintenance cost. Leasing might work better for longer-termed projects, but it's important to bear in mind that it may add insurance and maintenance costs into the mix


Excavator Digger Types

  • Tracked excavators: Excavators that run on tracks.
  • Wheeled excavator: Excavators that run on wheels (rubber ducks).
  • Mini excavator: Smaller scale excavators (0.7 to 7.5 tonnes). Includes independent boom swing and standard backfill blade.
  • High/Long reach excavator: An excavator with a very long boom arm, mostly used for demolition.
  • Low ground pressure excavator: Designed for areas where there isn't much room for ground support (swamps, mountain areas).
  • Backhoe excavator machines: An extendable hydraulic arm, mounted on a 360 pivot-point, with the operator cabin located alongside.

Digger Suppliers In The United Kingdom

  • H.E. Services - Nationwide company, with depots in Glasgow, County Durham, Leeds, Liverpool, Cardiff, Daventry, Caxton, Strood, Ashford, Hungerford and Exeter. They offer digger hire as well as all other types of excavators including site dumpers, dump trucks, loaders, rollers, handlers and all terrain transport.
  • Don Plant Hire Ltd - Located in Telford. They offer a vast array of excavators including diggers, loading shovels, dump trucks and road tippers.
  • One Call Hire Ltd - Located in Enfield. They offer plant & tool hire, used excavators and plant sales and servicing.
  • Henson Plant Hire - Located in Evesham. They offer diggers, road planning machines, excavators, dumpers and rollers.
  • David Godrey Swimming Pools - Located in Sheffield. They offer all services needed for swimming pool building including digger excavation, equipment supply, landscaping and design.